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Illustrate 2012: June

Illustrate 2012: June

The past couple of weeks have been very exciting for a University of Virginia graduate.  I had been planning to write a post (rant?) about my take on the recent events there, but it’s been a very busy few weeks.  I launched a new business venture, Green Performance Strategies.  I joined the Twitterverse.  (Won’t you follow me, pretty please?)  I spent two days being a counselor at the Philadelphia Ultimate Camp.  And I still had this month’s illustration to complete.  Plus, the UVA events have been very well documented by the Washington Post and a plethora of other media outlets, so I’m not really sure that my contribution to the blogosphere would’ve really added anything (even though the ranting would probably make me feel better).

So instead, I decided to let this month’s illustration speak for my position on UVA.

Illustrate 2012: June

This week’s reinstatement of ousted President Sullivan was a huge victory for the University of Virginia community and higher education in general.  In fact, this week has been a pretty good week for rational thought, between the Affordable Care Act being upheld by the Supreme Court and Arizona’s anti-immigration laws being struck down by the same.

However, the SCOTUS decision on Montana’s campaign finance law and Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell’s reappointment of Rector Dragas (the architect of President Sullivan’s ouster) to the UVA Board of Directors reminds me that big money still has some very big influence right now in this country, and we must keep fighting the good fight to keep the billionaire overlords at bay.  Stay strong, middle class!

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