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Illustrate 2012: March

Illustrate 2012: March

I’ve been doing a whole lot of illustration this month, as I’ve been working on wedding invitations for some friends of mine.  They’re all done, but so as not to steal their thunder, you’ll have to wait to see that illustration until after the invitations have been sent to the guests, and I post the finished product in the portfolio section of this site.  So while I was feeling a bit like that illustration should count for March, it’s probably good for me that I was forced to create something new for this project.

Spring has sprung a little earlier than usual here in Philadelphia, and as a result, I currently have the most painfully beautiful daffodils growing in my backyard.  The kind I have are not the sturdy trumpet daffodils you often see in public landscaping.  The ones in my backyard are dainty and delicate, and the corona is a bright orange, while the petals are a perky yellow color.  I’ve always loved daffodils because they’re one of the first signals that Mother Nature is awakening from her wintry slumber and bringing new life.

I’ve also been increasingly inspired by traditional botanical illustration because of its intricacy.  Some of the illustrations just blow my mind in terms of detail.

So it only seemed fitting that this month’s illustration subject should be the daffodils in my backyard.  Coincidentally, I also happened to relocate my fine-tipped pen nib, so I was able to reflect their delicacy in my line.  It all worked out quite nicely, as you can see below.

Illustrate 2012: March

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